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School Friendly Great Northern Popcorn 8 Ounce Popcorn Portion Packs, Case of 24

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4149 School Case 24 Pack
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Case of (24) 8 Ounce School Friendly Popcorn Portion Packs. Our School Friendly portion packs contain sunflower oil, not coconut oil like most popular brands. Nut allergies are a scary problem in schools, and our School Friendly Portion Packs are free of tree nuts and related allergens. We are proud to be able to claim our School Friendly Portion Packs not only meet or exceed the USDA Smart Snacks in Schools requirements, but they are also gluten FREE, peanut FREE, contain, no Eggs, no Tree Nuts, No Soybeans, no GMO, and no MSG.

INGREDIENTS: Natural Popcorn, Sunflower Oil (Midoleic Sunflower Oil and Tocopherols, Natural Butter Flavor (Coconut Oil, Flavor), Organic Annatto (Color), Natural Butter Flavor Sea Salt. Contains Coconut. Meets or exceeds USDA Smart Snacks in School Requirements.

Great Northern School Friendly Popcorn compared to USDA Smart Snacks in School Requirements
Nutritional CategorySchool RequirementsGreat Northern
% of Caleries From FatAt or below 35%33.33%
% of Caleries From Saturated FatAt or below 10%3%
Trans FatAt or below .5g per serving0g
% of Sugar by WeightAt or below 35% by Weight0%
SodiumAt or below 230mg as packed or served200mg%

How easy is open, pour & pop? As easy as it sounds. Don't worry about how the popcorn will taste--we guarantee it will be great. No matter who is popping, every batch is sensational popcorn. If you just purchased one our new popcorn machines or are looking for that great theater taste in your existing machine, stop looking! This is great tasting, high-volume popcorn that pops up fluffy time and time again. We truly believe it is the best popcorn in the USA.

Why buy Portion Packs?

  • Easy Storage: Keep pouches under your popper or in the store room & bring out enough pouches for the day. Don't lift 50lb bags of popcorn. Have you ever spilled one of these?
  • No Measuring: We pre-measure each pouch for ideal results. No measuring cups, just everything in a user-friendly pouch. Save time & money. Open, pour & pop that quick.
  • No Mess: No loose ingredients to spill & no dirty measuring cups to clean.
  • Consistency & Quality: Our pre-measured pouch assures the same delicious, mouth-watering popcorn each & every time.
  • When you can deliver consistent quality, our blend will keep your customers coming back for more. Increase Sales!
  • How easy is open, pour & pop? As easy as it sounds. Don't worry about how the popcorn will taste. No matter who's popping, every batch is sensational popcorn.
  • Cost: Each servings cost will be the same, no matter who is making the corn.
  • No Waste: Eliminate waste from spills, over portioning, or diminished quality & freshness.
  • Diacetyl FREE and GLUTEN FREE!


The GNP secret starts with their premium-quality gourmet popcorn. After harvest, every kernel remains properly conditioned in specially designed storage bins. GNP utilizes the most advanced equipment for conditioning and processing the popcorn to insure it meets the government's highest standards. After processing, every load is test-popped for expansion before shipment to ensure customer satisfaction. If it does not meet our standards, we do not ship it. We truly believe we offer the best tasting popcorn in USA.

What size portion pack should I buy?

With USA's ever expanding waistline, it is getting more difficult to calculate portion sizes. The typical service is 1 ounce of popcorn. . . I don't know about you, but 1 ounce isn't much. I have family of 5 and we typically use the 8 ounce package. If it is just my wife and I, we will toss in the 4 ounce packet.

How much popcorn does each pack make?

4 Ounce Portion Pack: Makes about 5 quarts per cycle. Serves 2-4.

6 Ounce Portion Pack: Makes about 7.5 quarts per cycle. Serves 4-8.

8 Ounce Portion Pack: Makes about 10 quarts per cycle. Serves 5-10.

Can I use a 4 ounce pouch in an 8 ounce kettle?

YES, it is OK to use a 4 ounce portion pack in an 8 ounce kettle. In fact, we recommend it if you don't need that much corn.

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